“Two Chairs” Strategy of Binary Options

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Two Chairs

This strategy will help you earn money with no risk. I should say that it’s available only in the  Option+  system provided by AnyOption got ranked number one among binary options brokers rating.  The Option+ system enables you to close options early.

The point of the strategy is that you do not need to analyze charts, you buy two binary options, CALL and PUT, at once.


Thus, the first and simple version of the strategy is as follows. You browse the required trade mode, namely, Option+, select an underlying security and open two trades, CALL and PUT, at once. After that, you need to follow the chart.

If the price is moving, say, up, and the pattern shows the trend, you sell your loss-making PUT option losing just 10% to 20%. Next what you need to do is to wait until the profitable CALL option reaches the highest point, that is, the price of the underlying security becomes maximum.

When the price is at its highest point, you can sell the CALL option early. However, the best thing to do is to wait until the option expires to generate maximum profit and recover the loss from the PUT option.


This is another version of the 2 chair strategy where the name says it all. You select the most volatile underlying security and open two trades CALL and PUT at once. Now you sell at first not the loss-making option, but the profitable. Let’s assume that the price of the underlying security goes down, you sell the PUT option and fix the profit. After that, you wait until the price reverses continuing zigzag. As soon as the price reaches the point enabling you to recover loss from the CALL option, you can close this option.

Undoubtedly, if you see that the price will further rise, the best thing to do is to wait until the option expires and generate the maximum profit.

The most important in this strategy is to predict the price zigzag, that is the reason why you have to choose the most volatile underlying security like the DOW JONES index, the GPB/USD currency pair etc.  But even these underlying securities are to always volatile, therefore, you need to check its behavior for the last couple of hours on the chart.   Fluctuations on the chart are good for you.


This strategy is a little risky. However, it can be really efficient. You need to combine two strategies, namely, the two chairs strategy – SIMPLE and the Tag Along. You take the same steps as in the SIMPLE strategy. After selling the loss-making option, you buy one more profitable option following the direction of the trend. You do it 10 minutes before expiration.  Thus, you catch the tag of the trend and make a profit both on the first CALL option and tag of the second option. This strategy enables you to earn more, however, it’s riskier.

 Generally, the classic version of the two chairs strategy – SIMPLE is in demand on the Internet as the risk-to-reward ratio is 80% to 88%, and you can really make extra money.  


This binary options strategy is easy and simple, any trader can master it.

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