Pros and Cons of Binary Options

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Pros and Cons of Binary Options

Although binary options are pretty young, they are very popular. Moreover, this financial instrument has left behind trading on the foreign and stock exchange markets. Naturally, a question arises how binary options could have outpaced classic trading.

Pros of Binary Options


This is really true. You can trade 24 hours because underlying securities of binary options are traded during all four trading sessions, namely, Pacific, European, American, and Asian. Therefore, if there’s a night in the United States and hence the stock exchange is closed, you can trade during the Asian trading hours.

A High Return

Figures speak louder than words. Just look at them:  a 70% profit in 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour, week, or month. This return has attracted quite a few investors. They left classic trading yielding on average 100% per annum whereas binary options produce this return in just ONE DAY.

A Fast Profit

You can top up your deposit account or withdraw a profit within a day. Besides, you can reinvest the same amount multiple times buying options for 15 minutes. Along with it, AnyOption provides special features like Roll Forward and Take Profit enabling a trader to postpone expiration or close a binary option early. If you spend $25 to buy 10 binary options during a day, and the seven of them generate a return, you make almost a 400% profit just in a day!

A Wide Choice of Underlying Assets

This is one of the keys to successful binary options trading. You can buy only shares on the stock exchange; currencies on the foreign exchange, commodities on the commodity exchange…However, if you trade binary options, you can buy a binary option on any of the above said underlying assets. Due to a wide choice, convenience and easiness, even a kid can buy a binary option on the stocks of the world’s top companies.

No Fees

If you have ever bought shares or commodities, you know that high fees may be charged.  These expenses can considerably reduce your return on investment. If you buy a binary option, fees are not charged.


Binary option trading is really simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. This is the reason why so many classic investors and traders have changed to binary options trading.


You don’t want to go to office? Or to wake up at 5 a.m.? Or to go outside in any weather? Or to get stuck in a traffic jam? Or to warm up an engine?

Binary option trading allows you to get rid of all that stuff. You can wake up whatever time you want, and, by the way, wherever you want. The only thing you need is the Internet connectivity. Flexible hours, only you control what you do, and no boss. This style of living is a dream of many. Quite a few people could realize their full potential due to it.   For instance, binary option trading is a favorite job of surfers as it allows them to combine trading and their job.

Cons of Binary Options

Pros of binary options entail cons. Who can resist buying shares of the world’s top companies? This is the reason why inexperienced investors make mistakes. The problem is that they don’t base their trading on analysis, they perceive trading as gambling. Consequently, these people lose money and hence have got nothing good to say. Nevertheless, trading on the market is an old business allowing quite a few traders to make descent money.

Be alert and don’t buy binary options relying on luck! Base your trading on well-informed decisions, analysis, and data. 

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