Live Trends as Additional Signals

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Live Trends as Additional Signals

Do you want to know what deals are investors making right now all over the world? No problem. The best binary option broker AnyOption shows on-line buying and selling data! If you are looking for additional signals for binary option trading, this is really what you need!


In the menu there is the Live button. By clicking on it, you get to the Live Trends page. In the main part of the page, current trades made by investors are displayed:


Based on what I see, most of traders use a common type of options, but there are also investors trading Option+, although they are few. And just some of themtrade in the 0-100 system.  And what is more interesting, the above table shows that the AnyOption broker is popular in the world. Just look at it!

3There are traders from all over the world. The traded amounts as well as currencies are different. For instance, investors from the EU use the Euro accounts, from Turkey – the Turkish lira, from China – the yuan … And I used to think that all traders have only the U.S. dollar accounts))

If you want, you can copy any investor’s new trade by clicking on the blue triangle at the end of the line. If you click on it, a window to buy an asset isopened. But from the point of view of investment, more important indicator is Trade Trends in the right column.  This is how I used this statistics:

45 Based on these indicators, you can get a good buying signal. Surely, you need to check each signal on the chart but still this give additional information. For instance, I have never bought options on Alibaba stock. But that time I paid attention to the CALL and PUT option ratio on this stock. 100% of all investors put in money in the CALL option because they expected the price to rise.  I made a decision to buy the CALL option on Alibaba stock based on Trade Trends:


At that moment, an optimum investment period an hour or less this is why I invested for a period of 31 minutes. The option had to expire at 5:30 p.m.:


Then, I selected the investment amount and clicked on the CALL button (UP):


In 31 minutes the price went up, and I made a 80% profit, and this became possible just thanks to Live Trends!


I made a net profit of $176!

Other story:


P.S.: Over the last year, the world’s first binary option broker  AnyOption has become the largest binary option trading platform with over 7 million trades made last year.

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