Key Reversal Binary Options Strategy

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Although Key Reversal is simple, it is really a reliable binary options strategy.

The strategy is based on technical analysis, namely, a pattern. To start making a profit on binary options using theKey Reversal strategy, you need to set the chart to the Japanese candlesticks.

A signal to buy an option is a candlestick of an opposite color. Its open is to be higher and it close is to be lower than of the previous candlestick. For you to understand better, look at the chart below:


up Buy CALL (UP) options if a new green candlestick is higher than the previous red candlestick.



downBuy PUT (DOWN) if a new red candlestick is higher than the previous candlestick and closes lower than the previous green candlestick.


This looks like:


This strategy is popular with investors due to its high reliability.

You should invest only if a reversal candlestick is completed and closed.

Using the Key Reversal binary options strategy, you can invest for different periods. In case you buy 60 second options, I recommend that you invest only for a period until the second candlestick is completed; therefore, you need to set a chart to M1 time frame.

If your chart is set to Н1 time frame, you can also invest for a period until the second candlestick is completed, that is, for a period not longer than an hour.

5 reasons why to invest works well with reliable signals. I hope this simple strategy will help you increase your profit.

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