How to Trade the One Touch Binary Options

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Thanks to high popularity of binary options, several new types have emerged. The One Touch option, in my view, is for experienced traders that can predict both the price direction and the level it can reach within a certain period.

Generally, to predict accurately the price direction is rather difficult. However, if you are sure that the price is to reach some certain level within the period set, the One Touch option is what you need.

You can buy this type of binary options even on weekend and during the hours when the stock exchange is closed.

For instance, even though today is Sunday, you can buy the One Touch binary option yielding up to 380% from AnyOption.   The reward is really high; however, the period for which you have to buy the option is a week.

one touch options

Though these options are bought for a week, you get a profit once the price reaches the chosen level, not at the end of the week. And even if the price touches this level during the first trading hour, you generate a profit.

The minus point of these binary options is that high profit is accompanied by high risks. For price to touch the required level, it has to move 300 to 500 ticks upside or downside.  If to look at the three month chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average, such movements take place rarely:


How to make a profit on the One Touch options?

You need to have in mind that sharp price fluctuations typically follow the release of important financial news. Even a single indicator can have a serious impact on the entire market. If you trade the One Touch binary option, you should take into account the volatility analysis and choose only volatile underlying securities including gold, Dow Jones Industrial Average, FTSE 100, crude etc.

Don’t chase a high yield, don’t enter hasty trades. What you really need to do is to perform deep technical analysis, make one or two deals trading classic binary options, and generate a profit.

AnyOption charges minimum $50 for the One Touch option, each next step is a multiple of $50, that is, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250. The maximum investment is $1,000.

Remember! A high percentage of secured very big risk!

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