How to earn on Daimler AG stock

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Daimler AG is a German automotive group. The core business of the company is production of trucks, buses etc. under the Mercedes-Benz brand. Also, the corporate group owns

  • 100 % Daimler Trucks (truck production)
  • 85.0 % Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
  • 50.1 % Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation
  • 22.4 % European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS)
  • 22.3 % Tognum AG
  • 11.0 % KAMAZ
  • 10.0 % Tesla Motors
  • 7.0 % Tata Motors Ltd
  • 5.0% Aston Martin Ltd


These data can change over time. However, to know this information is important as it can have an impact on the price of the Daimler AG stock that you can buy from AnyOption broker.

How to earn on Daimler AG stock?

The Daimler AG stock is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) under the ticker symbol  DAIGn.DE

Needless to say, the price of the company stock depends on the expected revenue. Therefore, to make a profit from Daimler AG stock, you need to follow the company news and plans.

Investor news is posted on the official website on the investors’ page.

News released on this website tends to influence the price of the stock because the company reports, resignation of the senior staff, planning and other important events can have a deep impact on the investors’ sentiment. Also, these data outline a current status and revenue of the group.

One of the ways of making a profit from the Daimler AG options is to follow the releases and presentations of the Mercedes-Benz new models.

This means not only coupe and popular sedans but also trucks. It’s important to take into account only new models that are available to order. These orders determine the production volume and, consequently, the expected revenue.

For instance, the new C-class was launched in Australia.  On that day, I invested in the binary option on the Daimler AG stock expiring at the end of the day. The price of stock went up by the end of the day, and I earned $280.

If you don’t want to wait until a new model, the company reports, or news is released, you can invest following the trend for a period of 10 up to 20 minutes. In addition to the trend, you can use various binary options strategies like the Parallel Channel Strategy.

If the price of stock is ascending for an hour, buy a CALL option meaning you expect the price to rise further.

If the stock is descending for an hour, buy a PUT option meaning the price to fall further. 

The trend doesn’t often change its direction, so you can have a perfect chance to earn.

I recommend that you get the news on Daimler AG from Reuters. On its website, you can find the company stock chart, market quotes and the latest news as well which are not posted on the Daimler’s official website.

Eventually, to make a profit from Daimler AG stock is not so difficult as it may seem.

You just need to follow the latest products released by the company, visit the investors’ page on the official website, catch the trends and make a 77% profit or more in an hour or 15 minutes!

 Step 1


 Step 2


 Step 3


 Step 4 – Take your profit!


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