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BP shares

stocks-British-PetroleumBritish Petroleum is a British oil and gas company. This is the world’s second largest publically traded oil and gas business.

The British Petroleum’s net profit grew by 34% and constituted $3.6 billion in the second quarter 2014.

Pay attention that the stock is traded on different stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE) and included into the leading stock indices. The AnyOption brokerage company offers the stock traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE, the ticker symbol BP.L), because the core business of the company is in Europe.

BP is headquartered in London, Great Britain. This is the center of all trading, legal, financial and other core activities of the company. Therefore, if you do an analysis, take into consideration news on Eurozone.

To make a profit from British Petroleum stock is not as difficult as it may seem. The company chiefly specializes in crude. The area where it basically conducts the business is the United States, Europe, and Russia.   

Presently, you can find a lot of news released every day relating to European and world crude oil.

The structure of the BP company includes 3 business divisions, 22 functional divisions, and 4 regional divisions.

Company’s business division:

BP Exploration and Production division deals with oil and gas exploration, development, production, preparation, and pipeline transportation;

BP Refining and Marketing handles oil sale and supply. Also, this division manages production and sale of distillates including aromatic compounds and acetyls;

BP Gas, Power and Renewables trades gas, gas liquid and condensed gas (CNG). It deals with transportation and regasification of CNG, and alternative energy (BP Alternative Energy).


British-Petroleum stocksThe BP functional divisions ensure three business division operations, interaction, effective risk management, and saving due to the business consolidation.

 You should know it to understand what can impact the company stock price.

Over the past five years, British Petroleum stock has been staying in a flat channel showing sustainable stability in general:

bp shares

Political events directly influence crude; hence, you need to track both political and economy news. And it’s not difficult at all! For example, you can search news on the Reuters, The Telegraph, The Guardian website…

Any news can have an impact on the price!

For instance, there was news on the Unites States and Europe sanctions against Russia on July 29. The BP CEO claimed that it could affect the business badly because British Petroleum is the largest foreign investor of the Russian oil industry and has over a 20% share in the Rosneft company. Consequently, the BP stock dropped significantly, and the stock traded falling in price all day long.

BP stock

This means that you could invest in falling of the stock 5-7 times a day making a 70% profit from each trade.

And this is possible due to the news I read on Reuters! 

When you do an analysis, you need to consider that the company deals both with crude and gas. In addition to that, British Petroleum is one of the major players of hydrogen energetics. The company builds hydrogen filling stations and supplies hydrogen to them. It participates in various hydrogen showcases around the globe.

To get more information, you can use Google notifications if you set various search keys.  

You should pay attention to crude oil production, export, and consumption indicators in the economic calendar and take into account the analysis of volatility.

I recommend that you earn on British Petroleum stock with the time-proved AnyOption broker:

British Petroleum stock

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