How to buy Microsoft stock

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How to buy Microsoft stock

The advanced investors often reveal a significant interest in Microsoft stock. Correspondently, the questions how to buy Microsoft stock and where to buy Microsoft stock are still relevant. Some people think that there is no point in buying Microsoft stock today. However, every time releasing a new product, the company proves the opposite.

By the way, only 18 countries in the world are richer than Bill Gates.

Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest corporations in the world producing software for computers, game consoles, smartphones etc. The company developedthe most popular in the world Windows operating system. The Corporation has branch offices in more than 80 countries. The headquarters are in the city of Redmond WA.

Today, I will tell you how you can buy Microsoft stock and make a 77% profit in just 9 minutes!


How to buy Microsoft stock?

To buy the stock on the Internet is quite easy as to sign up and make a purchase is like clockwork. You don’t even need to contact the help desk.

To open an account on the broker’s website takes you just 5 minutes. Sometimes you may also need to conclude an agreement with the brokerage company and send the original of the agreement and a copy of your passport to the broker. Then you transfer money to the account and can buy the stock.

The advantage of the large brokerage companies is that they provide an insurance against the broker’s bankruptcy up to $500k. In this case the broker must be the SIPC member (Securities Investors Protection Corporation).

How to make a profit from Microsoft stock right now?

You can avoid all tiring procedures for buying Microsoft stock and make a profit not spending too much money. The point is that you can buy binary options on Microsoft stock instead of buying the stock itself.

A binary option is a contract with a condition of a price rise or fall during the set period. If the price goes up or down as it’s in your forecast, you get a 70-80% profit.

You can buy a binary option for a period of a minute to month. The minimum amount that you can invest is $25. To be sure, you can invest more, and get a 70% profit.


to make a profit from the stock, you need to invest a heap of money and wait until the price of the stock goes up. In addition to that, you need to pay for transactions and fees.  As opposed to the stock, you can buy a binary option for a period of 15, 30 minutes, an hour, week or month. For the binary option to work out, the price has to rise or fall.  Before buying a binary option, you need to forecast whether the price goes up or down. Based on what you expect, you buy a CALL (Up) or PUT (Down) option.

The stockholders lose money if the price of the stock goes down. Binary options make money   no matter the price goes up or down.  

If the price of the stock increases or decreases by at least 0.001 tick after the binary option expires, you get a 70-80% profit if your forecast is correct.

To buy the binary options on Microsoft sock, I would recommend that you deal with the well-known time-proved AnyOption broker. There is an intuitive convenient binary option platform on the website of  AnyOption.  You just need to select the type of the underlying (for instance, Microsoft stock). Based on your expectation of the price movement, you select a CALL (UP) or PUT (DOWN) binary option, the amount of investment and the time of expiration.

Here’s how I earned a profit from Microsoft stock.

At first, I browsed the broker’s website and selected Microsoft stock:

Microsoft stock

Then I selected the time of expiration of the binary option. In the right corner there is EXP which means the time when the binary option contract expires. I selected the nearest time that was 6:00 p.m. The time was 5:51 p.m. at the moment that meant I would invest for a period of just 9 minutes:

to buy Microsoft stock

After I figured out the trend, I made a decision to buy a CALL option. Then I entered the amount of my investment (from $25) and clicked the CALL (UP) which meant that I expected the price would go up:

to buy Microsoft shares

You need to take into account that you can buy Microsoft stock only during working hours of NASDAQ. 

After 10 minutes I browsed the broker’s website again and checked the result of my investment. The price of Microsoft stock increased as I expected, and my account topped with a 77% profit:

to buy Microsoft stocks

You do not to be a genius to make money from Microsoft stock and then buy a Microsoft tablet.  

You just need to follow the company news. If you hear that Microsoft presents a new product, releases it or makes new investments, this means a signal to buy a CALL option on Microsoft stock.

To invest profitably in binary options, you can follow various trading strategies. Many traders do not understand why they need a strategy but exactly the strategy ensures a regular profit.

To top your account with AnyOption or withdraw a profit, you can use a bank transfer, VISA, Master Card etc.

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