How to buy Apple stock?

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How to buy Apple stock

Apple Inc. turnover counts hundred billion dollars. No wonder that quite a few people ask How to buy Apple stock, or at least several shares. No matter the company has tough time or not even if, for instance, its competitors leave it behind, Apple always has its revenge. The company as it always does releases a new product to the world market, and the shares go up.

As the chart shows, the periods of the shares going up prevails over the periods of dropping. The price of the company stock is expected to rise next year as well. That’s why the question How to buy Apple stock will stay relevant for long time.

Today, I will tell you how I made a profit from Apple stock!

Apple stock cost only $3 per unit in1997 and $580 to $590 in 2012. This is the reason why so many people want to invest money in the shares of this company. Presently, the shares are sold at $510 to $520 perunit. Not bad, is it? According to The New York Times, if you bought Apple stock in 1997 at the price that was charged for Apple PowerBook G3 250 laptop, today you would get over $300000.

How to buy Apple stock?

Apple stockTo buy Apple stock, you need to contact one of the brokerage companies dealing with the trading exchanges, for instance, NASDAQ in the US. Apple stock is sold under the AAPL stock ticker.
Before you can buy Apple stock, you need to top your account with the brokerage company. After that, you need to install a program into your computer which will enable you to trade. And finally, you bid for Apple stock and become a happy shareholder. If you make up your mind to sell the shares, you need to submit an entry or sell order. After your order is executed, you get the money to your account.

How much does Apple stock cost?

Like the shares of all top companies, they are expensive. Besides, there’s such term as minimum shareholding that’s why to buy Apple stock, you would need at least $50000. Do you still want to purchase Apple stock?

Below you will read how you can do it another way.

Do you know that there are three founders of Apple Inc.? One of them is Ronald Gerald Wayne. It was him who made the first logo and wrote a user guide. He sold his share in the company just for $800 in 1976. Now his share would cost $35 billions. Today Ronald is a retiree. He sells stamps and says that he doesn’t regret anything.

Where to buy Apple stock

Needless to say, that buying Apple stock requires much money. Quite few people can afford it. However, there’s a way not requiring large investment. This is a purchase of Apple stock binary options. They cost just $25!

Below I will explain how I managed to make $56 profit from Apple stock in just 20 minutes!

To invest in in the binary options, you do not need special education. What you really need is to figure out whether the price of Apple stock will go up or down during the set time.

A binary option can be bought for a period of 15 minutes, half an hour, hour, day, week… If you anticipate the price increase, buy a CALL option (CALL – UP means the price goes up) for an hour. If by the moment of expiration the price has grown, you get 80% profit of the amount you invest.

To buy Apple stock binary options, I chose a reliable AnyOption broker. This is the first brokerage company in the world that is regulated by EU, MiFID, CONSOB…, banks and other financial organizations. Besides, this well-known company has at its disposal the shares of Microsoft, McDonalds, LG etc.

To start with, I clicked here and selected Apple stock as an underlying security:

How to buy Apple shares

Then I selected the time of the binary option expiration. I selected the nearest:

Where to buy Apple shares

This means that my option was valid for 34 minutes. It was 9:26 p.m. and the option had to expire at 10:00 p.m.

I expected the price would go up. To make sure that I was right, I checked the statistics of the purchases on the same underlying:

where to buy Apple stock

82% investors bought a CALL (UP) options as they anticipated the price would rise. This was a good sign.

If the price of Apple stock rose by even a tick during 34 minutes, I got 80% profit.

And finally, I had to select the amount of my investment and clicked CALL (UP) which meant that the price would go up:

Apple shares

This is what I saw after 34 minutes in the completed transactions:

Apple stocks

It took me only 34 minutes to earn $192 on Apple stock rise! I think this is a great result!

As you see, you can easily make money for new iMac or iPhone on the stock of the company that produces them. You don’t to be a genius to earn on the binary options; you just need to stay tuned.

To anticipate the price of Apple stock, you need revenue reports, strategies and plans. You can find this information on the official website of the company, on the page for the investors:

You can follow the news which could impact Apple stock on the following analytics websites:
Along with the fundamentals of the company itself, pay attention to the US economy because the stock is quoted in the US dollars, hence strong market fluctuations can impact the investors, in particular foreign one.

The most important thing for any company is revenue that’s why you need to follow the releases of new Apple products.

For instance, if you hear that Apple releases a new product or just presented some solution, this means that the price of the stock will go up, and you can buy binary options on Apple stock for a short-term period.

For instance, Apple will start sales of a new iPhone  via the largest operator in China in 2 days. I’m sure the Apple stock will go up, I can earn on it. In this case I will choose a CALL option or a price increase.

I’ve managed to earn a good profit on the releases of new iPhone, iPad, MacBook versions …

appleIt tends to start with the presentation around which is much hype. A lot of articles and gossips are spread on the Internet. This provokes demand and investors’ interest, meanwhile the demand for stock is rising as well.
Then the start of sale is announced. The sale doesn’t start on the same day all over the world. The countries the first to get Apple products are the USA and EU, then Russia and Asia. On average, the sale starts from 5 to 10 days all over the world that’s why there is a good chance to earn on the stock going up.

To register with the AnyOption broker dealing with the binary options on Apple stock takes a minute and opens unlimited opportunities for years ahead. You can earn even in 10 minutes, not in half a year as in the case of the stock itself.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

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