How I Made Money on Nike Stock

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Surfing the official websites of various companies, or, rather, Investor Relations, you can find that all profits, sales, production reports are not only official, but also easily available. Yesterday, Nike released the third quarter (Q3) financial results:


The day before release, Reuters, MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal and other leading financial websites post experts’ expectations and even some concrete figures from reports that typically match actual figures.

Therefore, the day before release, market reacts to an upcoming event. And this is the reason why Nike stock has risen by 1.5 percent.

In general, Nike’s report is in line with the market and experts’ expectations.  I don’t know how it works whether the data can be mathematically projected or it just leaks.

5I won’t retell the whole report. The key point is that the report shows increase in company’s profit, investors’ dividends, production volume, and sales – altogether rise in all the indicators. Although some analysts link it with the U.S. dollar strengthening, the report says that the future orders have increased by 11 percent. And this is the third time that Nike has shown two-digits rise. Besides, the futures orders have added 23 percent in China, 15 percent in the North America, and 21 percent in Europe.

Note that you can find the key points, summary, and conclusions on the official website.

Presently, all forecasts and experts’ opinion point to increase in prices to $107-108 although there are some limiting factors.

Anyway, I managed to earn a decent profit on Nike stock yesterday.

I knew about the upcoming report and followed the news since morning. Based on the projected figures, expectations, forecasts, and overall performance, I made a conclusion that the price is to rise by the end of the day.

Nike stock is available to buy from TopOption. So, I browsed the website of the broker:


I invested in the option expecting the price to rise till 6:40 p.m. And here is my result:


Just imagine how happy I was.

In the previous article about Nike stock, I wrote that the company is a good choice to invest in options. Just look at the chart below:



All companies release quarterly reports four times a year.

Also, they conduct important shareholders’ and investors meetings, publish annual reports etc. These are at least 6 events a year that directly affect the stock prices.  Brokers offer underlying assets of over 900 companies.  This means that there are over 900 opportunities to make a profit on these events. And this is really simple as the data are available to the public.

Besides, you have to keep track of the dates when new products are released to the market.

For example, on April 4th, Samsung will start selling new top-rated smartphone, on April 24th, Apple will begin selling Apple Watch… (stock of these companies is available to buy from AnyOption). The stock will undoubtedly rise on these days. The above mentioned events are multiple. The companies like Mercedes, Toyota, Fiat, BMW regularly conduct them.

 — If you follow release of some company’s financial results, then you need to start keeping track the market the day before. From my experience, the price can change its behavior based on expectations, and the day the report is actually  released, the market just adjusts. 

 — If a new product release is expected, invest the day the product is launched on the market for a period till the end of the day.  If it’s Friday, you can invest on Thursday for a period till the end of the week. Analyze charts and market expectations.


This is really simple as information is easily available. I usually just google  ‘Nike stock‘, ‘Nike Investor Relations‘, ‘ Nike stock Reuters‘ or some other company, and get the latest news and information. The most useful sources of information are Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal (fee-based),, MarketWatch.


Don’t miss the chance of making a profit on stock of the companies renowned throughout the world. This is not only interesting, but also easy!

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