Binary Options: Reality and Myths

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Binary Options Reality and Myths

Binary options still seem something new and difficult to understand at least to many investors.  Binary options are always accompanied by myths and stereotypes that they are fraud, an illusion and that only “sharks” robbing inexperienced traders can make money on them.

Or binary options are a revolution in stock market trading? Is it real to make a profit on them?

These and other questions are in many people’s mind.  I offer you to dispel stereotypes and find out the truth and facts about binary options together listening to some good music. So, lets start!

Binary options: is it a real trading instrument or fraud?

Why do you think investors take binary options suspiciously at first?

Because of high yield amounting to 70% to 80%!

It’s incredible but true, and this fact can be easily explained. Undoubtedly, if today’s business in Europe, America returns 2% to 5% and 10% to 15% in the best case, then a 70% profit in just 15 minutes seems unreal and looks like advertising of a spoiled product that a salesman wants to sell.

This is the opinion behind the stereotypes like “binary options are fraud” etc.  However, to understand that it’s wrong, you should start learning binary options and you will see that

A 70% profit on a deal is a fact!

If an investor pinpoints a price direction correctly, he never loses. You will find no investor who could tell you the opposite.  A 70% to 80% profit is real, it can be really achieved. For instance, binary option trading is my core activity, and I have been trading binary options for a long time.

Brokers fool investors?

Many think that brokers don’t provide real access to the stock market. But a stock purchase is not the same as binary option trading. Buying a binary option, you don’t get a block of stocks; you get the right to make a profit on a change in a price of an asset.

Investments in binary options are absolutely transparent; no other stock, bond or security market can be even compared to them.

Brokers don’t charge fees, because they earn on a spread between profit and loss-making deals.

By the way, brokers have all required certificates. For instance, the top binary option broker 24option is certified by CySec (you can check this fact on the official website of CySec).

24option is also certified and regulated by the EU institutions, BaFin, MiFid, COBSOB, FCA and other European financial regulators and banks.  Do you really think that such institutions deal with frauds?

Is It Real to Make a Profit?

At first, stock and foreign exchange market traders traded on this market because no other market can return such a profit as binary options. Moreover, an investor doesn’t need to figure out how a price will change, he needs to figure out whether the price will go up or down.

It turns out that to make a profit, you just need to pinpoint whether the price will rise or fall at a certain point of a binary option!

Experts have developed a large number of simple logical strategies. Anyone can understand them even if he learned about binary options just half an hour ago.

Even a kid can understand how binary options work.

Successful binary option trading doesn’t require too much time and effort. To understand what direction the price will take whether it will go up or down, you need to perform at least simple analysis.

You can read economic and political news, experts’ binary option projections. Also, you can use technical and fundamental analysis to understand whether the stock of the chosen company will rise or fall.

On this website, I’ve proved many times that a profit on binary options is real!

And to invest successfully, you don’t need to hold a doctorate in economics and finance.

What Is the Real Catch of Binary Options?

Ironically, but the catch of binary options is their AFFORDABILITY. This may sound strange but it’s really true.

Firstly, anyone can invest in binary options even if he has limited funds because a minimum deposit requirement is low. Undoubtedly, no one refuses to make a profit on price fluctuations of such giants as Microsoft, Google, Exxon Mobile, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, oil and gas and precious metals like gold, platinum, silver etc.

But quite often people top on their accounts and invest following intuition or desire to become rich by means of stock of a reputable company like Coca-Cola или Mercedes…  If an investor doesn’t carry out analysis, usestrategy and check projections, this investment doesn’t return yield. On this website, you can find detailed description of binary option analysis, experts’ projections, strategies etc. that can help you make a risk-free profit on binary options.

This is really easy!

If you find somewhere a negative review of binary options, you can be sure that it was posted NOT by a real investor but a person who wanted to make quick money on nothing!

How I Make a Profit on Binary Options

To invest in binary options, I chose the most reliable and time-tested broker 24option. By the way, this is the only broker that pays back in case a loss!

I selected Apple stock from the full list of stocks:


Then, I chose time of expiration of the binary option. As you see from the chart, it was 7:13 p.m. at that moment, and the option had to expire at 7:30 p.m. which means that I invested for a period of 17 minutes:


As you see, the quotes were rising showing an uptrend. Then, I typed the investment amount, clicked on the HIGH (UP) button because I expected the price to rise and clicked on the BUY:


I got the following result in 17 minutes:


While I was playing with my cat, I made a 73% profit on Apple stock! And my net profit amounted to $87.6!

There is no principal difference between binary option and commodity, foreign or stock market trading. In all these cases investors make a profit onchange in a price of an underling asset. Therefore, financial management, technical and financial analysis are relevant to binary options, too.

If you really want to make a profit on stocks, stock indices like S&P 500, FTSE 100, NASDAQ, Dow Jones etc., you need to learn the basic methods of analysis. Also, you need to choose a tested broker who can become your reliable partner. Only in this case, you can invest in binary options competently!

Money is the sixth sense that makes it possible to enjoy the other five.
Richard Ney

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