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Binary Option Signals
I decided to summarize “Binary Option Signals”. As I have already said, to follow up-to-date events on the stock market, you can use binary option signals.

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Economic Calendar Signals


Stock Market News

I would like to draw your attention to the type of news that we need to look for. As you may know, the stock market is a long-term market. You can often read or hear, for instance,about one year forecast of some index or forecasts and analysis of the future year etc. But we need to pay attention to the binary option signals that can influence a company right now.

Each company has its official website. For instance, Walt Disney has the following website:

News on a company’s official website may be binary option signals because a speech of the company’s CEO, financial results or plans for the next month may influence its quotes significantly.

In a search box, you can type word combinations like:

An asset name Latest Company News
An asset name Latest News
An asset name News

For instance, with Deutsche Bank AG Latest Company News in the search box, I’ve found the latest news on the German bank:

Some news can be taken as binary option signals because strong fundamental changes and news can affect quotes. This way, you can analyze assets of each company offered by binary option brokers.

You have to choose several companies from a long list that you like and understand best of all. You can intensify a search of regular news on these companies which means that you can find and save websites that frequently post information about the chosen companies.

  • If you have Windows 8, you can also use News, Bloomberg, Finance and Flipboard applications available on the Android market. You can subscribe for Science and technology news where interesting news about Apple, Microsoft is posted. Also, you can use news websites like Reuters, WallStreetJournal, MarketWatch, Business Daily etc.

One more method to receive up-to-date binary option signals is Google alerts

This is a great way to receive binary option signals directly to an e-mail.

I advise you to have a separate e-mail because you will receive many e-mails.

All you need to do is to type a search query, for instance, Deutsche Bank AG, choose a news type, that is, News, and select how often it has to be sent, that is, once available. Once Google indexes news according to your query, it will immediately send it to your e-mail.

Create as many subscriptions as you need.

How Rothschild Brothers Made Money on News

In 1815, all stock markets waited for results of the Battle of Waterloo.  Napoleon started the Battle successfully and all expected him to win but nobody knew that a Prussian army under the command of Blucher joined Wellington, and this disrupted Napoleon’s plans.

Rothschild brothers had a hobby – to breed homing pigeons. They also waited for news. Nathan was in London, and Jacob was in Paris. When a pigeon carried a message to Nathan that Napoleon lost the battle, he made a trick. He told that Napoleon won and started to sell all his shares.

Panic spread through the stock market because the Rothschild were always the first to get information, and they were selling all their shares!!!

All market players began to sell stocks. In just a day, English, Austrian, Prussian stocks crashed. In the meanwhile, Rothschild agents bought back all stocks for next to nothing. Jacob did the same in Paris. In two days, all market players got to know that Napoleon lost, and the Rothschild made £40 million in just a day!

Rothschild brothers are the authors of an expression “Who owns the information, that owns the world”.

They always tried to be first to get the information, and they proved its effectiveness.

Therefore, you need to subscribe for Google alerts!

Google alerts can be your basic source of binary option signals.

News on Foreign Exchange Market

If you trade currencies, the story is different. I advise you to use forecasts and current statistics of traders and compare your analysis with them. As binary options reality and facts shows, the foreign exchange market is affected not only by news and fundamental events but also by investors and market’s sentiment.

Also, there are websites on the Internet where you can find detailed analysis of all currency pairs.

It’s important to use an economic calendar because events in the calendar often have a strong impact on currencies.

What to Look for in News?

In the received news, you need to distinguish binary option signals which means that you need to understand whether the news can affect quotes. For instance, opening of Intel’s retail outlet didn’t impact on itsstocks because it was a low impact event for the company’s capitalization. A start of Xbox One sales made Microsoft stock soar because the company sold over a million of consoles.

If you watch live news, this gives you an opportunity to invest in assets for a short period, say, 15 minutes. Even low impact events can make quotes fluctuate but this gives you enough time to make a profit due to short-term investments in binary options.

I advise not to chase all signals and attempt to make as many deals a day as possible. If you use binary option signals together with Google Alerts and follow the economic calendar, you can easily choose what you need and be confident that your deals will return a profit. There can be up to 10 deals a day, but this is quite enough.

Remember the most important thing! Deal only with the most reliable brokers! I deal and advise you to deal with 24option. This broker pays back your funds if you lose and protects your money this way. Along with convenient charts and other options, 24option offers a wide choice of assets including the most popular stocks, commodities, indices and currencies!

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