60 Seconds Binary Options

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60 Seconds Binary Options

The key advantage of short-term investments is a quick return. In that case, yield on binary options doesn’t depend on the period for which you invest, and you can make a 70% profit no matter you invest for a month or minute.

You might have already realized the potential of short-term investments.  Within just a couple of days, you can reinvest your return tens or hundreds of times and make a huge profit.

60 Seconds Binary Options

As I mentioned before, the most popular term with investors is 15 minutes to one hour. I also like investing for this period. However, these investments are not actually short-term in the real sense of the word because there are “super short” options in which you can invest just for one minute.

By the way, not many brokers provide this type of binary options.

The pros of short-term options are as follows:

  • Minimum investment starts from $5
  • A superfast return  – 70% in just 60 seconds
  • A chance to reinvest your money many times— you can make a vast number of trades within a short time


The cons are as follows:

  • High risks
  • Difficult to analyze
  • Typically, this type of binary options has a limited number of underlying securities, namely, currencies, some indices, and commodities.


To make a profit trading the 60 seconds binary options, you need to follow the price trend and not to trade against it. You have to be sure about the tendency because even slight fluctuations can make you loss. Therefore, along with analysis, you can use various strategies like the Pinocchio strategy. You can find a wide choice of the strategies that you can use with the 60 seconds binary options in the corresponding menu on this website.

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