Make $1,400000 in just 4 months!!!

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binary options

Today, I’ll tell you how you can make $1.4 billion in just four months. Many of you will be shocked by this information because to make this amount is really easy.

In some TV series (I don’t remember the title) an old professor asks his young assistant whether he counterfeits money and gets an interesting answer “Why to make counterfeit money if there is so much real money!”

binary optionsActually, the amount of money in the world exceeds 10 times the amount of goods. Nevertheless, we still lack money.

Today, mankind tends to own, not to use.  It is exactly the desire “to own” impoverishes us, makes us become consumers and steers us into poverty.

Buying a new iPhone, you can think that you can afford to spend $700 for it, as this amount won’t change anything in your life. Do you really think that making millions takes years?

In reality, the largest fortunes are made very fast!

Real estate mortgages, consumer loans are a choice of people who tend to own, not to use.

Let’s listen to some good music and feel inspired by a real chance to change all around you.

How to become a millionaire quickly? We can get the answer to this question from statistics over the past 85 years. Are you ready to get the answer?  Here it goes!

On the stock market, long-term investment yielding a return over 20% is almost impossible to find (taking into account statistics over the past 85 years).

For instance, if an investor’s return is over 31% during the period of 1926 to 2011, this yield allows him to buy a half of the stock market.With a return exceeding 33%, an investor can buy the entire stock market.With a 40% return, an investor can become an owner of the entire stock market in just 60 years (a good raise in his pension money)

Warren Buffet, George Soros as well as other great billionaire investors used these formulas to reach the top of financial success. They are the most successful and richest people in the world. 

binary options


Though these calculations seem complicated, they work like magic.

For instance, today, binary options return a 70% profit in just 15 minutes!

Actually, binary options can return this profit in just a minute, but I advise you to choose   payback periods like an hour or day they are less risky and more reliable. If you havesmall capital, binary options trading is an ideal way of becoming rich.  You can plow your investment and return back in binary options many times and get a huge profit.

For instance, if you make 2 trades a day investing $50 in each option and getting a 70% or $35 return, your total profit on two trades (a day) is $70. If you do the same for 20 days (one working month), then you get a $1,400 total profit ($70*20 days).

As you see, your initial $100 investment can return up to $1,400.

Next month, you can increase your initial investment from $50 to $500 and the second month of binary options trading will result in $14 000. The third month will bring you $140, 000, and the fourth$1, 400000!

Even if you make just a single trade once in two days, you will be able to increase your capital significantly.

These figures may seem difficult to accept, but you can easily check the calculations.

How to Make a Profit on Binary Options?

Now, I’ll show you how make a profit on binary options. If you invest in options, you can choose any underlying security from the menu provided on the broker’s website. For example, you can choose stock, platinum, currencies … I decided to choose Facebook stock:

binary options

Then, I set the time of expiration:

binary options

As the chart shows, it was 8:19 p.m., and the binary option was valid till 8:30 p.m. meaning that the payback period was 11 minutes. By the way, if there are 5 minutes left till expiration, you can’t invest in an underlying security and binary option on it, respectively.

Then, I had to type the amount of investment. As I expected the price to rise, I click CALL (up):

binary options

I had to wait a little. After 11 minutes, I got the following results:

binary options

While I was playing with my daughter during these 11 minutes, I made a 78% profit on Facebook stock! I got a $124.8 net profit !

I’m sure that any of you can develop his personal plan to become a millionaire. For instance, you may feel more comfortable if you make one or three trades a day. Anyway, this method allows you to take your life to new heights, leave the desire to own and start to use.

“Money is a common property. Any is allowed to take so much as he wants on condition that he can”
Wilhelm Schwebel, scientist

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