The Risks of the Binary Options

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The Risks of the Binary Options

Binary options is a highly profitable financial instrument. They allow generating high profits – from 70% just within 15 minutes! However, high profitability and risk go hand-in-hand.

The financial world is rather instable. Though all financial products bring the highest profits comparing to other sources of income, they are riskier as well.

The risks of the binary options

Together with the risk of losing your money, there is a risk of parting with poverty.

If you are not ready to change your life for the better, you can close this page because now we are going to talk about the risks.

Indeed, if you deal with the binary options, there are risks being appropriate to any profitable business.

But can you get anywhere else 70% to 80% profit within 15 minutes or 40 minutes?

Just realize that you can control all the risks relating to the binary options.

The RisksFirst of all, to control the risks I would advise investing just 10% of your capital in a binary option.

Besides, in case of a losing trade, the largest and the most reliable broker AnyOption returns up to 25% of the investment. On average the profit/return ratio is 70%/15%. Therefore, the actual risk constitutes just 85% instead of 100%.

The following case is common. You have four profitable trades each $40. After getting the profit of $112, you invest the whole amount in the next option and lose 85%.

Investing all the money and relying just on the intuition and luck, the investor himself elevates the level of risk.

The Risks of the Binary OptionsTo minimize the risk to 85%, control your finances and actions. Before you invest, ask yourself “Why do I invest? What is the risk in this trade?

Give the honest answer, and if the response is “because I want to grow rich right now” “because it seems to me that I’ll be lucky”, take your hand away from the mouse, keep the money and spend it together with your girlfriend.

As soon as you understand that risks depend upon you, you will be able to enhance your self-control, and your results will improve.

In this case you will be able to part with the poverty, not with your money.

Try not to spend the money you made quickly and start creating a financial cushion. It usually needs up to 36 monthly salaries. In case you lose the source of your income, you’ll be able to avoid worsening of your standard of living for 3 years.

From my own personal experience I know that anyone can control the risks relating to the binary options and achieve the best results. Use risk control as a strategy.

I would highly recommend that you do not invest relying on your luck or at the moments of instability. Before you invest in the binary options, analyze the underlying security with technical or fundamental analysis of binary options, listen or read the news relating to it, analyze the charts, and consequently, your risks will minimize significantly.

The Risks

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