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Societe Generale is the largest French financial conglomerate in Europe.   It’s headquartered in Paris, France. History of this public company dates back to 1864. As of today, the company employs over 160,000.

The bank is engaged in asset management, banking and provides various financial services.  Total assets of Societe Generale amount to over $1 trillion.

Shares of the company are traded on the Euronext under the ticker symbol SOGN.PA

If you choose to trade binary options on Societe Generale stock, you need to have in mind that the company has operations both in France and abroad. This is why fundamental factors influencing a price of the stock are numerous.

For instance, recent events in Ukraine had a negative impact on the shares of Societe Generale due to a fall in Rosbank’s profit.  A trader has to remember that the banks outside France composing the Societe Generale group have different titles.

The most obvious factor pointing to a future rise of Societe Generale stock is its profitability. The higher the profitability is, the higher the price of Societe Generale stock is. Anyinvestor buying Societe Generale stock aims to make a profit on his investment. Therefore, attractiveness of the company to investors directly depends on its profitability.



You can find important reports, revenue figures, etc. on the official website, in the investor relation section.

Also, you can follow prices and news about Societe Generale shares on the analytical website, REUTERS:

Societe Generale is the world’s largest banking group, this is why stock of the bank is influenced by the world economy, living standards and political situation.  Societe Generale stock is priced in the Euro. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the Eurozone economy and Euro exchange rate.

Societe-Generale (1)Negative factors include scandalous news that can have a negative impact on Societe Generale’s reputation.

For example, on January 28, 2008, Societe Generale’s top management reported heavy losses as a result of fraudulent operations of the company’s trader. The trader exceeded his limit and incurred a loss of € 4.9 billion.

This made Moody’s, one of the most reputable rating agencies, cut Societe Generale’s creditworthiness rating.   The above said measures shake investors’ faith in the bank and move down its shares.

Where and How to Buy Societe Generale Stock?

To buy Societe Generale stock, you need access to the Euronext stock market, large capital and much time because Societe Generale stock returns a 10% to 13% profit.

Today, I will tell you how I’ve managed to make a 73% profit on Societe Generale stock in 14 minutes.

As you might know, binary options are a financial instrument having the highest yield on the market. To make a profit on an option, you just need to figure out whether Societe Generale stock will rise or fall during some specified period, say, next 30 minutes.  If the price of the stock behaves in line with your forecast, you are immediately paid out a fixed profit (70% or higher).

I prefer to deal with 24option. This is the top binary option broker regulated by the EU institutions, CySec, CONSOB, FCA etc.

I browsed the broker’s webpage and selected an underlying security, that is, Societe Generale stock. Then, I set expiration of the binary option to 15:45 p.m. (this is the time when an option expires), the investment amount and clicked on the HIGH button because I expected the price to rise:


It was 15:31 p.m. at that moment, and the option had to expire at 15:45 p.m. which meant I invested just for 14 minutes. Positive news on the Eurozone economy news, investors’ buying statistics and trend pushed up the European assets including Societe Generale stock.

I knew if Societe Generale stock rose at least by a pip in line with my forecast before expiration, I would make a 73% profit.

After expiration, I saw the following result on the broker’s website.


The price of the shares went up a little, and I made a 73% profit, that is, $91.25! This is not bad  for a period of just 14 minutes.

Options are allowed to buy to everyone at least 18 years old. You can start making money on the world’s top companies’ shares right today. Signing up on the broker’s website takes just one minute, and you get vast opportunities for years ahead! This gives you an opportunity to invest in the shares of European and U.S. companies like Renault, Fiat, Mercedes etc.


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