Inspiration for Binary Options Trading

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Inspiration for Binary Options Trading

When you just start dealing with binary options trading, you are very enthusiastic. Your eyes glow with eager as you’d like to learn, try, and earn as much as possible.

As time goes by, you are getting more and more bored because binary options’ trading grows into a habit. It turns into routine. Every investor faces this problem as he or she makes the same steps every day.

For instance, after you start you laptop, you browse the same websites, check your e-mail etc.

To improve your mood and make your working day, I suggest getting inspired! 

Binary Options’ Software

Many of you have IOS or Android smartphones.  If you install some nice informative software, you can read the latest news and get the current prices of various securities. This specially comes in handy to those who invest with smartphones using mobile apps.

IOS Binary Option Applications

Stock Market Pro

Stock-Market-ProThis application shows prices of stock securities, charts etc. The most important thing is that it provides a collection of news from different websites about the security you track. A trial version of this application is free of charge and can be used only with 4 securities. A full version costs $5.99.

If you like to read RSS feeds, you can install applications available on the Bloomerg and MarketWatch websites.


Stock Ideal 

Stock-IdealThis is an informative application featuring a lot of settings. Charts, indicators, signals, alarms, data, news, reports etc.  It provides really huge amounts of data. It’s even interesting just to look into the application.

Android Binary Options Applications

There are also good applications for Android users.

Stocks IQ — Stock Tracker

Stocks-IQ-Stock-TrackerThe app shows prices of the stock securities, the latest news, charts, graphs etc. It features many settings.



Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts
Stocks-Realtime-Quotes-ChartsThe app is similar to the above applications. It features statistics, RSS feeds and other functions. Also, you can do a technical analysis with it.



Movies for inspiration

There are a great number of movies about investments and finance markets. Here is the list of the top 5 stock market movies:

The Wolf of Wall Street

The movie is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, the man of amazing talents. He established a brokerage company in 1987 due to which he made a megabuck fortune before his 30th birthday. The movie shows a back side of the brokers’ work. I believe that most of them work like this guy.

Margin Call

September 2008. The global economic crisis has already broken out. However, the United States does not know yet what a disaster is coming.   And only a group of top-managers on Wall Street looks for a rescue recipe. If you think that to lose $200 is terrible, then look how these guys work!

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

A former corporate raider Gordon Gekko is out of prison into a new world being on the verge of the financial crunch. He’s like a dinosaur with an extremely bad reputation and out-of-date views. The movie tells what the stock market experience and progress is.

Books about investments and trading

Edwin Lefevre — Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Edwin-LefevreThis is a classic book which is a must-read even for those who don’t take an interest in the stock market. The story, an account of a real trader Jesse Livermore, is an insight into the life of anybody dealing with the stock trade. Trading goes hand in hand with ups and downs which to overcome sometimes is really difficult. The book was first published in 1923. Despite the age, it’s still render the nature of the market truly, describes the way of the securities traders’ thinking and their typical mistakes.


Why Slow Investors Lose and Fast Money Wins! — Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lecter

Who-TookThe book explains to a high readership that the faster the investors’ money turns, the higher their return and the lower risk is. If you don’t feel finance safety at your work, it’s especially important for you to bring your money under control. If you are ready to achieve something more than an average investor, this book will help you make your money work more efficient and faster.


Richard Branson – Screw It, Let’s Do It!

RBBranson’s book is a manifest of a life, action, risk. The credo of the author is to enjoy life to the full. This means not to be afraid of doing what you want. Your knowledge, experience, or education doesn’t matter at all. Life is short to spend it for the things that do not bring pleasure. If you have a head on your shoulders and enthusiasm, you can reach any goal. If you like something, do it. If you do not like anything, just leave it. The book charges you with optimism, wisdom and belief that anybody has talents.

Money is the best inspiration

I can tell you confidently that money is the best inspiration!

Try to earn a little bit more than yesterday and you’ll understand what I mean

To break the daily routine, get inspiration for work and get rid of laziness and, make your desk top clean, convenient and nice so that you don’t want to leave it.Look for the securities you’d like to make profit from that can inspire you. This may be Lufthansa or Morgan Stanley stock.While you are expecting a signal, news, good time for investing, watch movies about the stock markets, read books and use apps for securities analysis. By the way, music can also help in your work!

Nice little things will make you vigorous and positive and tune your mind for success!

And when you make $980 in just a day, you will feel freedom, relaxed and inspired for successful binary options trading!

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