How to Make a Profit on Deutsche Bank Stock

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How to Make a Profit on Deutsche Bank Stock

Deutsche Bank is the largest financial institution in Germany. This conglomerate ranks first both by the amount of financial assets and number of employees.

The company comprises three core business divisions:

  • Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB)
  • Private Clients & Asset Management (PCAM)
  • Corporate Investment (CI)


As of 2013, Deutsche Bank had over €54 billion of financial equity. Its financial assets exceeded €1.5 trillion.


In 2013, the net income constituted €681 billion. The bank employed 98, 254.

Deutsche Bank stock is traded on the three stock exchanges under different ticker symbols:

  • On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) under the ticker DBKGn.DE.
  • On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker DB
  • On the Italian Stock Exchange (ISE) under the ticker DBK.


Binary options brokers offer to invest in Deutsche Bank stock traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker DBKGn.DE. These stocks have top priority for the bank as they mirror the value of the bank.

Forecast of Deutsche Bank Stock

The factors influencing the price of Deutsche Bank stock are multiple. Trading the stock of the bank, you can use leading experts’ forecasts or understand the factors influencing the price and do it yourself.

One of the factors is expansion of the Bank. According to the data of the Financial Stability Council, Deutsche Bank ranks among the world’s leading transnational banks. It is composed of mortgage banks, investment and leasingcompanies. In Germany, the branches amount to thousand and a half and the number of customers exceeds 13 billion.  Also, Deutsche Bank owns a number of foreign branches in 76 countries based in New York, Singapore, Sydney, and London.


 If new branches are opened in Germany or abroad, this is a positive factor being able to affect Deutsche Bank stock.

Deutsche Bank is the largest foreign exchange market player.  


One more factor is investments. The bank does this business through DWS Investments being in turn one of the Germany’s top companies having 20 percent market share.

shares-Deutsche-BankBesides, you need to have in mind that being the largest German bank, Deutsche Bank and its capital structure are strictly controlled by the state.

This is why economy influences the stock price. Germany is the largest economy in Europe. However, the euro is affected not only by the German, but by the Eurozone economy as well. Therefore, you need to keep track of the key economic events in the European Union. Besides, the Bank operates not only in German, but also across Europe.


Merges and acquisitions make a significant impact. These are the processes that allowed the bank to grow rapidly. Presently, the bank conducts the same policy that makes its stockkeep rising. Information on the upcoming merges is not always released. If it is posted, you can find it in the press-releases of Deutsche Bank or other institutions merged.


You can keep track of the most important events in the ‘Investors Relations” section on the bank official website.

Also, you can follow the news and analytics releases on Deutsche Bank stock on the website of Reuters:

stocks-Deutsche-BankAn increase in profit makes the stock rise. This directly correlates with the above mentioned factor. The expected key result of the merger is an increase in profit. Therefore, in case of a merger or acquisition, you can expect that the profit will grow significantly compared with the previous reporting period.

Positive factors also include awards, recognition etc. For instance, LEED Gold was given to Deutsche Bank for resources efficiency. Such events make Deutsche Bank more attractive to potential and existing customers.


How to Buy Deutsche Bank Stock

To buy Deutsche Bank stock and make a profit, you need a lot of money and much time. To earn on Deutsche Bank stock right now, you can buy an option on the bank stock.

To make a profit on the option, you have to figure out whether the bank stock will rise or fall during the chosen period.

Options on Deutsche Bank stock is available to buy from reliable and time-tested AnyOption. The broker is certified by the EU institutions and offers a lot underlying assets.

I browsed the broker’s webpage and chose Deutsche Bank stock as an underlying asset.

Today, there were positive economic data releases in Germany. Deutsche Bank stock is an indicator of the German economy; therefore this can push up the stock.

I checked current buying statistics:


At that moment, all investors bought the CALL options expecting the price to rise. I decided to follow the market and set expiration to 11:30 a.m., typed the amount of investment and clicked the CALL button also expecting the price to rise:


I knew that if Deutsche Bank stock rose even by a tick during the 20 minutes, my forecast would work out, and I could make a 81 percent profit.

After a little while I checked the result:



As you see, the stock price has increased significantly, and I’ve made a net profit of $113,4.

Anyone can make money on Deutsche Bank stock! And trading binary options, you can make your profit in 5 to 30 minutes because you can invest in options for a period of 5 minutes and longer dealing with AnyOption.  Along with the stocks, you can choose oil, sugar futures, currency pairs, and stock indices. You can find there whatever you want.

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