How to Make a Profit on Amazon Stock?

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amazon stock Inc. is the world’s largest online retailor. It’s an American company ranked first among the world’s companies selling goods on the Internet. It’s one of the first online services that started to sell mass consumption products.

Today, I will show you how I’ve made money on Amazon stock in 55 minutes.

The company was founded by Jeff Bezos, the American entrepreneur, in 1994, and the website was launched in 1995. The name“Amazon” comes from the Amazon River.  In the very beginning, the service was designed as an online bookstore.

amazon-sharesAlthough Amazon came to the market as an online bookstore, it developed and extended its range of products fast. Three years after the launch of the website, music and video CDs became available to buy to its visitors. The range of the products was steadily expanded, and its customers could buy MP3 records, videogames, consumer electronics, software, toys, clothes, furniture and even food. Also, Amazon invented Kindle, the first e-book.

As of today, all products sold by the company can by grouped into 34 different categories. Amazon conducts its business in the United States and abroad, in the countries like Brazil, the UK, Canada, the EU, China etc.

Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, U.S.  It has subsidiaries all over the world in  the countries where the company conducts its business. Amazon employs over 88,000 staff.

Amazon Stock

The company stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol AMZN.

Financial performance of the company, one of the factors influencing stock quotes, directly depends on sale volumes.  The company posts financial results regularly.  You can follow these and other important data of the Amazon company on the official investor website

stock-amazonAn investor has to track commercial partnerships conducted by Amazon.

For instance, Amazon started on of the partnerships in 2011, announced on its website about exclusive digital rights to comics enjoying the highest popularity in the world. These included the comics by DC Comics like Superman, Batman, Watchmen, Green Lantern etc. This partnership made Barnes & Noble, the key competitor of Amazon, remove all digital versions of the above mentioned comics.

The partnerships like the above said is a positive factor contributing to a rise in the stock quotes.   If competitors take similar measures, this can inflict damage and be a negative factor to Amazon.

You can follow the news influencing Amazon stock on the analytic websites like

An important indicator of the company performance is sentiment of the customers, both existing and potential, towards the company and demand for the provided services.  This indicator depends on the number of visitors in every country.  If it rises, you can expect Amazon stock quotes to go up.

Where and How to Buy Amazon Stock

options-amazon Amazon stock is traded on NASDAQ, the American stock exchange. However, to buy Amazon stock, you need huge capital and much time for your investment to yield a profit.

The easiest way to make a profit on Amazon stock is to buy options. Options are available to buy to anyone and yield a 70% profit.  You choose expiration yourself; you can choose expiration, for instance, in 5 minutes, one day etc. Time of expiration you choose doesn’t influence ratio of your profit.

All you need is to pinpoint whether the price of stock will rise or fall during your option validity.

Few brokers have Amazon stock available to buy. I chose AnyOption, the most reliable and time-tested broker. This broker is well-known all over the world and regulated by the EU institutions, CySec, CONSOB, FCA.

I browsed the broker’s webpage and selected Amazon stock. I set time of expiration (the end of the period during which my option is valid) to 19:30. I typed the investment amount and clicked on the CALL button because I expected the price to rise:


At that moment it was 6:35 p.m., and the option was to expire at 7:30 p.m., which meant that I invested for a period of 55 minutes. The positive U.S. economy data pushed the dollar higher. I expected nothing to crash the rise next 55 minutes.

I knew if the stock rose even by a tick, I would make an 81% profit.

While I had tea and a bun, my option expired and I saw the following result on the broker’s webpage:


As you see, the price has gone up, and I’ve made $113.4! Registration on the broker’s website takes just a minute, but it opens up possibilities for the years ahead.

Any of you can make money on Amazon stock if you trade binary options. Don’t miss a chance of making a profit!


Remember that binary option strategies reduce your risks and make investments more reliable. For instance, the Navigator strategy is based on 2 indicators which ensures additional reliability of the signal.

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