How to make a good profit from MasterCard stock

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MasterCard stock is an interesting underlying for binary options, especially now, in the view of the political events in the world, in my opinion.

MasterCard is a technology company established in 1966 in the global payment industry. The corporation connects customers, financialinstitutions, buyers, governments, and business around the globe providing e-payments substituting cash and checks.   

MasterCard unites 22 thousand financial institutions in 210 countries around the globe.

Since 2006, MasterCard stock has traded on the New York Stock Exchange NASDAQ under the MA ticker symbol. The company is headquartered in New York, the United States.  

Needless to say, almost every bank in the world and every bank in Europe and U.S. offers its customers a MasterCard card for cashless payments.

Look at the chart of the stock from 2007:

MasterCard stocks

The stock price has been growing steadily since that. This is caused by the company expansion, customers’ turnover, and a growing demand for cashless payments. Many fashionable stores accept only cards.  And indeed, cashless payments are preferred in all European countries, let alone the States.

For instance, to get a change from 500 euro note in European cities is almost impossible.  People there are surprised at such notes because they see them rarely.

How to make a profit from MasterCard stock?

To make a profit from MasterCard stock, you need to follow the U.S. financial market and political situation in the world being able to impact the banking system.

You can follow some indicators on the NASDAQ official website:

As you see, MasterCard depends largely upon the banks and banking systems. For instance, MasterCard terminated its contracts with large Russian banks in the view of the latest political events. Consequently, the company payment volumes decreased, and the stock price dropped.

You can find the latest news and other data on the market analytics website:

Also, to search up-to-date information and news on MasterCard stock I advise that you use Google Finance:

Presently, MasterCard stock is on its peak, and the current price decrease is caused solely by the political crisis in Ukraine.  Nevertheless, the experts anticipate further stock rise. It’s hard to disagree with it as the bank wire transfers are getting more popular, convenient and easy all over the world.

How I earned on MasterCard stock

I browsed the TopOption’s website. It should be noted that the website has a modern nice design. After I selected MasterCard stock, I chose the expiration time and investment amount from the menu:


I decided to follow the trend as I anticipated the price would go down further. I clicked “UPand “Trade confirming the deal:


I invested $120 for a period of 21 minutes. As a result, I made an 80% profit or a $96 net profit:


In addition to the political crises which are rare and can impact MasterCard, I recommend that you take into account the company news, namely profit and loss statements, promises to investors, development stages, and expansion into new markets, countries, and banks.


mastercard-iconEven the company’s promises to investors and development plan announcements can influence the price stock significantly, let alone the actual data on profit and loss. The least decrease in the profit impacts the investors’ sentiment and the MasterCard stock quotes.

In case of short-term investments it’s better to follow the trend. Also, you need to take into account the company’s current events. Do not invest at the moments when important economic news being able influence the company stock price is expected.


To put money in the binary options on MasterCard stock, I recommend that you deal with the TopOption brokerage company also offering binary options on commodities and raw materials, stock, stock indices, and currency pairs.


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