How to earn on Nike stock?

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How to earn on Nike stock

Thanks to 24option broker, investors can always buy a binary option on Nike stock. We all know this brand but only a few understand that Nike stock can make good money.

The stock of NIKE, Inc.  (the ticker is NIKE)  is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from 1990. Since that moment, the price of the stock is still going up.

When you read this article to the end, you will add significantly to your knowledge about the company.

You won’t perceive it as just trainers and a jogging suit, but the way you can make a sizeable amount of money.

Nike is a company specializing in production and design of sportswear, footwear, kit, and service.  The company sells the products in 190 countries around the globe in its own stores, via the dealers and in e-stores. In 1964 two friends, Fill Night, amiddle-distance runner, and Bill Bowerman, his coach, made a decision to start trainers’ production. In 1971 they created waffle trainers, and they eventually became famous. The trade name Nike (the Greek goddess of victory Nika) was registered in 1978.

The stock of the company significantly grew in recent years; hence if you think of buying Nike stock, then you are right. Nike stock was included into Dow Jones index last September.

Today, brand Nike costs $21 billion.

Nike is advertised such superstars as Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, leading football clubs, basketball players, soccer clubs, famous actors. It’s noteworthy that Nike paid for the logo just $35.

Why to buy NIKE stock?

If you have a possibility of buying Nike stock on the NYSE, this is great. However, I’d like to pay your attention to investment in binary options on Nike stock instead of purchasing the stock itself. After you weigh up all pros and cons, you’ll understand the difference in terms of the amount you invest. To buy the stock, you need tens of thousand dollars, and to invest in an option you need just $25.

NIKE is on the rise

chart nike

As the chart shows, the company doesn’t just expand, but it rises in price as well. Also, its revenue and turnover grow. For instance, the company set the goal of increasing the cost of the stock up to $36 billion by 2017.  Despite so high target, the experts believe that the goal is quite achievable.  The revenue from sale on Nike’s website constituted $4.3 billion in 2013, and the company sets the goal of $8 billion in 2017.

nike stocksThe company constantly implements innovative technologies in production of soles and other materials that significantly distinguishes it and ensures competitive performance.  Besides, the company is going to increase the sale in the developing countries. As of now, there are a lot of countries where Nike is not present, but soon it will be there. is Nike’s official website for investors where you can get the news and information aimed to all investors. 

By the way, I ordered a pair of trainers on Nike’s official website where I chose the color of trainers and every detail including the color of stitches and laces. Also, I ordered my name stitched on the counter. The service of customization is called Nike ID. The trainers are really cool; they are still like new and unwearoutable.

How to earn on Nike stock?

I browsed 24option’s website and selected Nike on the Stock tab. I selected the time of expiration of the binary option that was 7:15 p.m. I expected that the price would go UP, therefore I clicked “HIGH”. Then I entered the amount and clicked “Buy”.

nike shares

If the price of the stock rose after 15 minutes, I would get a 73% profit from my investment. I knew the risk to reward ratio because I saw the amount of profit I would get before I made a deal.

The price was gradually going up. After the binary option expired, I got a 73% profit or $189.8 net profit.

nike stocks

That was really great for 15 minutes!

Remember that you can invest in the binary options on Nike stock only during business hours of NYSE. By the way, with 24option that I like more and more you know the exact time when you can buy a binary option. This is the time of opening bell on the exchange stock where the underlying is traded. The time is local so you won’t be confused. Besides the stock of the well-known companies, you can choose such underlying as oil, gas, stock indices, binary options on futures etc.


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