How to Buy Gazprom Stock

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Gazprom JSC is the largest oil and gas company specializing in oil and gas exploration, production, processing, storage, sale and supply to many countries all over the world.

Gazprom is the owner of the largest natural gas reserves. It has 15% of all gas reserves in the world and 78% in Russia. The capitalization constitutes $150 billion.

How to buy Gazprom stock is a relevant question. Being a Gazprom shareholder is respectable and prestigious.  However, to become the shareholder you don’t need a heap of money. For instance, you can buy just one share from Gazprom’s Investment Chamber. Depending on the quotation at the time of purchase, it can cost from RUB140 to 170. To invest into stock, you need to have minimum RUB1000 to open an account. The minimum block is 10 shares.

Now I tell you how I managed to make $160 from Gazprom stock in just 28 minutes!

Gazprom stock is so valuable that just 0.001% of stock costs $3 billion. This is precisely why the investors fight to buy even a thousands or millionth part of it. The cost of only 1% which gives the right to vote at the shareholders’ meetings is equal to $1.5 billion!

How to buy Gazprom stock?

You can buy Gazprom stock in the branch offices of Gazprombank JSC and other commercial banks. Also, you can get it from specialized brokerage or investment companies.   Gazprom JSC doesn’t sell or buy the shares itself because the company is not a securities market participant.

How can I buy Gazprom stock via a broker?

As an individual person, you can’t trade stock on the securities market. You need a representative that is a professional broker. The brokerage companies usually charge about 0.1%. The amount is so small because they profit mainly from the number of shareholders.

How can I make profit from Gazprom stock?

Before you purchase Gazprom shares, you need to figure out how much you can earn. An average share yield is maximum 10-20% per annum. It isn’t a lot, is it?

That is why instead of buying Gazprom shares, you can purchase binary options on stock. You can invest less than in shares, earn much faster and get a higher profit. The essence of the options is that you earn no matter the price goes up or down.

A binary option is a contract with the condition of a price rise or fall during the set period. You can invest in the binary options for a term of a minute to month.

E.g.: You invest in a binary Gazprom stock option (CALL) for a half an hour. If the price increases in thirty minutes, you get 80% profit even if the price goes up by just 0.001.  How much it rises it does not matter, it matters that it rises.

What you need is to predict future price direction. Every investor does it.

You can buy options for a minute, 5 minutes, 10, 15, 30 and up to a month.  The most important thing is that the price has to change in the direction you predict during the period you choose.

Now I show you how I earned on Gazprom shares via AnyOption, the top binary option brokerage company. I clicked here.  So, I selected Gazprom stock in the securities menu. I set the term of the binary option as the nearest.

As the chart shows, I bought an option for just 28 minutes. After I carried out the technical analysis, the conclusion was that the price would go down. It means that I could get a 80% profit if Gazprom stock dropped by at least 0.001 during 28 minutes from the moment I bought the option.

All I had to do is to select the amount I invest and click PUT (Down) which meant that I expected the price to grow:

Gazprom stock

This is what I saw after half an hour in the completed transactions:

Gazprom stocks

As I forecast, the price went down a little. I made $160 in just half an hour, this is a great result! 

You do not need to be a genius to earn on Gazprom stock trading binary options!

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