Binary Options Forecasts

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Binary Option Forecasts

The most important binary options forecasts! Stock, indices, commodities, and currencies!

Quite a few people find to make an investment decision difficult as they do not want to risk. Therefore, I advise you to use a kind of a cushion, that is, binary options forecasts.

Trading with AnyOption, the world’s top binary options broker, you can try binary options forecasts. By the way, this is the only broker making a refund in case of a bad trade. Thus, you reduce risks.

To use these forecasts is easy. Moreover, you can use both your analysis and experts’ opinions.

WARNING! Check the dates of forecasts! To update forecasts, you need to press the F5 key, or refresh the page.  

Binary Option on Stock Forecasts

Stock forecasts are available during the U.S. trading hours.


Binary Option on Index Forecasts


The stock and index market depends largely on fundamental events and some markets’ behavior. You can use your analysis in combination with the experts’ opinions provided in these forecasts. To make the highest possible profit from binary options trading, use the most reliable binary options forecasts. Check all 4 time frames, namely, 5 minute, 15 minute, hourly and daily.

If they show the same picture, this means that they give a STRONG BUY (click on CALL to buy a binary option) or STRONG SELL (click on PUT to buy a binary option) signal.

Binary Option on Commodity Forecasts


Binary options on commodities like Gold or Crude are also in demand. Formerly, only oligarchs could afford them. Due to the binary options, these commodities became affordable to all investors. To use commodity and raw material forecasts is also easy as in the case of stock and index forecasts. If all time frames show the same forecast, the chance it comes true is high.

Strong buy means that you need a CALL option because the price will increase.

Strong sell means that you need a PUT option because the price will decrease.

If the binary option forecast corresponds with the current trend, this means a signal to buy an option. Though investing in the stock, index, and commodity market is typically long-term, don’t buy binary options on stock or indices for a long period because news releases can change the trend. If your purchase of a binary option is based on forecasts, I advise you to buy an option maximum for a day.

Binary Option on Currency Forecasts


Warning! Currency forecasts are valid during a day. However, I advise you to buy a binary option maximum for an hour as the currency market features strong fluctuations.

Binary option on currency forecasts are of great interest to investors because currency is the most liquid and popular instrument on the market. Besides, there is a wide choice of currency pairs, and heavy trading is typical for this market.

As the foreign exchange market is volatile, your analysis is to involve all possible instruments, not only your forecast.

The above mentioned instruments can be useful for large and small binary option investors. You have to understand that forecasts are not an instruction, or guarantee, they are just the experts’ opinion.  Each forecast is a signal that you need to check personally, compare with the market situation, economic calendar, charts, trend, and various data.


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