According to the poll

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according to the poll

According to the poll conducted by an analytical company, residents from UK and Germany make the highest profits on binary options trading in comparison to other EU countries. Survey respondents were from different countries, of various ages and gender.

As of today, just 40 percent of traders have tried binary options trading, 50 percent are going to try, and only 9 percent will not try.Over 60 percent of traders who have tried binary options are satisfied and trade successfully, 25 percent can’t give a definite answer. Most probably, these are newbies who both make a profit and lose it.  And just 3 percent of traders have a bad experience and don’t want to trade binary options.43 percent of investors buy an option for an hour, 32 percent purchase it till the end of a day, 17 percent of traders buy it for a week, and 8 percent make a deal for a month.  This points to the fact that not only former stock traders invest in binary options but also investors having various experience and using different strategies buy them.According to 40 percent of successful investors, the key advantage of binary options is a high reward. The rest think that the major advantage is simplicity, risk control, and availability of short-term trades.The survey found that the most popular broker is AnyOption. According to over 70 percent of European traders, AnyOption is the world’s top binary option broker. 

The poll showed that more and more people express interest in binary options trading enabling both professionals and newbies to invest in shares of large companies and banks like Banco Santander or Bank of America. According to the survey, this financial instrument is gaining popularity.

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